Rescue and Emergency

Everfit Healthcare rescue and emergency equipment is designed for the rugged and demanding scenes of emergency scenarios. Manufactured to quality systems, Trek products cover the complete rescue and emergency spectrum, and provide the user with reliable but very easy to use range of equipment to suit their exact needs. 

  • Trek ZED

    Trek ZED

    ex GST
  • Trek Versalite

    Trek Versalite

    ex GST
  • Trek Scheren

    Trek Scheren

    ex GST
  • Trek Rapido

    Trek Rapido

    ex GST
  • Trek ProLok

    Trek ProLok

    ex GST
  • Trek Hawk – 2 PIECE

    Trek Hawk – 2 PIECE

    ex GST
  • Trek Hawk

    Trek Hawk

    ex GST
  • Trek EzyNek Pro

    Trek EzyNek Pro

    ex GST
  • Trek DuroWave

    Trek DuroWave

    ex GST
  • Trek DuroApex

    Trek DuroApex

    ex GST
  • Trek Descenda

    Trek Descenda

    ex GST
  • Trek Curva-Splint

    Trek Curva-Splint

    ex GST
  • Trek Badger IV

    Trek Badger IV

    ex GST
  • Trek Badger II

    Trek Badger II

    ex GST
  • Trek Vita-Mask – Infant Size

    Trek Vita-Mask – Infant Size

    ex GST
  • Trek Vita-Mask – Child Size

    Trek Vita-Mask – Child Size

    ex GST
  • Trek Vita-Mask Adult size

    Trek Vita-Mask Adult size

    ex GST
  • Trek Oxy- Resus Viva

    Trek Oxy- Resus Viva

    ex GST
  • Trek Oxy- Resus Eco

    Trek Oxy- Resus Eco

    ex GST
  • Trek Oxy- Resus Demand

    Trek Oxy- Resus Demand

    ex GST

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