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Ankle supports and braces

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Ankle supports and braces provide compression and support for the ankle. Ankle supports and braces can be worn to prevent injury occurring or to provide support for a previously injured ankle.

Everfit Healthcare has a wide range of ankle supports and braces available at discount prices delivered Australia wide.

 There are various ankle supports and braces available that can provide compression and orthopaedic support for an individual including:

  •  hinged ankle supports which allow the ankle to move up and down but prevent sideways movement
  • open heel neoprene supports which provide compression and support but allow full movement of the ankle.
  • flexible steel spring ankle supports which contain springs that act like tendons, reinforcing both sides of the ankle
  • air filled supports that provide compression
  • magnetic ankle supports which provide deep magnetic penetration
  • cold compression supports which provide compression to the ankle whilst also providing cold therapy to the whole ankle.
  • lace up ankle supports which prevent lateral (side to side) movement but allow normal up and down flexion of the ankle
  • Achilles tendon straps which helps to provide constant tension to the Achilles tendon



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