Electrotherapy Machines


Everfit Healthcare offers a wide range of Electrotherapy Machines and devices for physiotherapy & rehab, including: therapeutic ultrasounds, IFC (Interferential), Combo Units, TENS, NMES, Biofeedback, Super Pulsed Lasers, Cold Lasers, Microcurrent devices, electrodes, gels, disinfectants and cleaners and more.The brands of electrotherapy equipment and devices that Everfit Healthcare has in stock is of high quality and is very affordable to professionals and the public.


*Professional Therapists receive further Special Discounts

Only Registered Professional Therapists may apply for Professional discounts and can obtain further discounts off the prices shown.

If you are a member of a Professional Organisation and obtain a membership number please contact us at 1800 908 903 or Email us on our Contact Us Page for your special price. Everfit Healthcare Customer Service Team will be happy to assist you.

All details must be completed in full, and you must include your membership number for a discount.

Once your basic application is approved we will then process your order!

Electrotherapy is used for relaxation of muscle spasms, prevention and retardation of disuse atrophy, increase of local blood circulation, muscle rehabilitation and re-education electrical muscle stimulation, maintaining and increasing range of motion, management of chronic and intractable pain, post-traumatic acute pain, post surgical acute pain, immediate post-surgical stimulation of muscles to prevent venous thrombosis, wound healing and drug delivery.

Electrotherapy is used for a variety of treatments: Pain management, Treatment of neuromuscular dysfunction, Improves range of joint mobility, Tissue repair, Acute and chronic edema, Peripheral blood flow, Iontophoresis and Urine and fecal incontinence:



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