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A treadmill has many advantages such as:

  • Some treadmills have programmes which allow people to pick different courses each day.
  • Individuals can watch TV whilst using a treadmill which can make it more interesting and fun.
  • Enjoyable exercise with the convenience of being in your own home.


  • Cushioned tread can provide slightly lower impact training than running on outdoors.
  • Incline setting can allow for consistent "uphill" training that is not possible when relying on natural features.
  • Individual progress such as distance, calories burned, and heart rate can be tracked.

A Treadmill helps a user achieve overall health and fitness goals either individually in their own home or in a group environment.

Using a Treadmill is a great exercise that tones your muscles , burns fat and helps get you in shape or helps a user achieve new fitness goals all while being at your own home.


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