NeuroTrac™ Rehab Tens Unit

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NeuroTrac™ Rehab Tens Unit (VERREHAB)
Rehab Tens Unit
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NeuroTrac™ Rehab Tens Unit
NeuroTrac™ Rehab Tens Unit is an Advanced, modern digital dual channel TENS and EMS unit featuring a Remote Switch. TENS and EMS treatment modes provide maximum flexibility for pain relief, muscle strengthening and rehabilitation. 
  • Dual channel TENS and remote hand controlled STIM unit.
  • Conditions for remote STIM: Foot Drop, Sports Injuries, Increases muscle strength. Stroke, Prevents disuse atrophy, Incontinence, Odema.
  • 16 Pre-set programmes for ease of use
  • Two customisable TENS and 1 customizable remote STIM programme
  • Lock mode function for measuring home compliance (mA and time used)
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