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 The Chattanooga Mobile RPW Shockwave is compact and light enough to be easily carried while also delivering a host of features and benefits with inbuilt compressor. Utilising Radial Pressure Wave therapy, the Mobile RPW Shockwave offers a non invasive treatment solution for chronic, long term insertion and soft tissue pathologies. The quiet, built-in compressor makes it perfect for portable use. User friendliness is at the heart of the Mobile RPW's design. The simple, ergonomically laid out controls enable all of the key parameters to be easily changed, while an illuminated LED display clearly indicates pressure, frequency and number of pulses. Initiation of the pulses is via a trigger mechanism on the hand piece. 

 User Interface Features

  • Pressure screen 1-4 Bar
  • Pulse counter screen
  • Frequency screen
  • Intensity adjustment
  • Pulse counter reset
  • Frequency adjustment


 Standard Accessories:


D-ACTOR® Hand Piece Applicator Set, including: R-SW Hand Piece, Projectile (x2), Guiding Tube (x2) Allen Key, Sealing Set, Wrench, Cleaning Brush, Case for R-SW Hand Piece


Revision Kit, Including:
Projectile (x2), Guiding Tube (x2), Sealing Set (x2), O-Ring Guide, Case for Revision Kit


R15 15 mm ESWT Transmitter


D20-S D-ACTOR® 20 mm Transmitter


Conductor Transmission Gel


Paper User Manual


CD User Manual


Radial Pulse Wave Therapy Unit Specifications

  • Weight of the unit: Approx. 9 kg
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 32cm x 32cm x 21 cm
  • Pulse frequency: 1-15 Hz
  • Application pressure: 1-4 Bar, 15 MPa


Optional Accessories *Extra fees apply


Intelect® Mobile RPW Carry Bag


D35 D-Actor 35 mm transmitter


F15 Focus lens 15 mm transmitter


D115 Deep Impact 15 mm transmitter


C15 Ceramax ESWT 15 mm transmitter


D20 T 20 mm Titanium Transmitter


V-ACTOR® Hand Piece Applicator Set, Including: V-ACTOR® Hand Piece, V25 V-ACTOR® 25 mm Vibration Transmitter, V40 V-ACTOR® 40 mm Vibration Transmitt

   V25 V-ACTOR® 25 mm Vibration Transmitter 
   V40 V-ACTOR® 40 mm Vibration Transmitter 



Standard Manufacturer Warranty

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