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Ergo Basic Chiropractic Table EB9050

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The ErgoBasic product line delivers uncompromising durability, versatile features and affordable prices to any office looking for an entry level solution. The Ergo Basic Chiro table "ErgoBasic" has a critical mix of adjusting features that is praised by many practitioners. A tilt headpiece and Accelerator Pelvic Drop are standard features. The Ergo Basic chiropractic table is gas spring powered. The Ergo basic EB 9050 table also provides and elevation pelvic section has an option allowing you to effortlessly put patients into passive flexion. Height is adjustable from 46 cm to 61 cm (18” to 24”).

Ergo Basic Standard Features
- Unitized Steel frame
- Seamless cushions
- Multi-fit arm rest
- Paper dispenser/cutter
- Gas spring powered
- U shape cushion with Tilt Headpiece
- Accelerator Pelvic Drop 



Upholstry Colours Available:




Ergo Basic Optional Features (Extra fees apply)
- Tilt w/Adjustable Face Cusions**
- Tilt, Forward Drop, Adjustable Face Cushions
- Tilt, Elevation, Adjustable Face Cushions
- Tilt, Elevation, Forward Drop, Toggle Drop, Adjustable Face Cushions
- Elevating Pelvic Section


Contact us with your specific requirements and we will provide you your practitioner price and ETA.

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