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Pride P4 4x4 Power Chair

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A four wheel drive, outdoor powered wheelchair with a rigid steel and aluminium frame. The wheelchair is suitable for adults and has a contoured padded Recaro seating system. The wheelchair is available in one size only and does not dismantle for transport. A range of optional accessories is available.


* The wheelchair has rear and front suspension, a full lighting package 
* It comes standard with a storage case that holds 39 litres. It is mounted behind the seat, however it can swing around to the side of the wheelchair if required

* The P4 comes standard with a Recaro seat which is moulded and padded

* The Recaro seat is fitted with a standard headrest

* The wheelchair comes standard with removable width, depth and height adjustable armrests

*The P4 comes standard with an angle adjustable footplate 
* The right and left side adjust independently

* The wheels have studded tread and are low pressure 145/70 tyres with inner tube

* The P4 comes standard with a choice of five drive modes 
* There is the option of chin controls, attendant control, TASH contractors, mini-cup contactor and iphone compatibility

* 3 gel batteries. 200 amp/hrs 8 volts


Transport Accessibility 
The space allowed on public transport for carrying mobility equipment is an area of 1300mm by 800mm.

Wheelchair spaces 
All new Sydney buses feature special 'kneeling suspension' and a ramp to provide easy access for less mobile passengers.

There are spaces for two wheelchairs on the new buses. These will accommodate most manual and electric wheelchairs with maximum length 1250mm, maximum width 750mm, maximum turning circle1500mm and maximum weight 200kg.

For safety reasons, passengers in wheelchairs are advised to face the back of the bus, bracing their wheelchair against the side of the space, applying the brakes and securing the seat belt of the wheelchair.

Wheelchair accessible buses display a blue and white wheelchair sign on the front of the bus, and on the easy access door.

Occupied Wheelchair in a Car 
A person sitting in a wheelchair within a car or van requires certification and RTA approval for the wheelchair and occupants restraint system where the wheelchair or occupant are restrained to the vehicle structure. RTA approval is not required for a postural support, such as a harness, that is only attached to the wheelchair and not to the vehicle.

Wheelchair Restraints 
When transporting a person in a wheelchair in a car or van, both the occupant and the wheelchair require an RTA approved restraint system. The wheelchair and the occupant need to be separately secured to the vehicle itself. 
RTA approval is not required for a postural support, such as a harness, that supports the user in the wheelchair but is not part of the vehicle restraint system. 
The use of a headrest is not legally required but strongly recommended. Easily detachable, folding headrests which fit a wheelchair with standard push handles are available. Refer to section Wheelchair, Scooter, Cushions, ramps / Postural Supports - Seating System: Restraint+ Head+Back+Seats

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