Compex SP Wireless 6.0 Muscle Stimulator

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Compex SP 6.0 is superior muscle stimulator which can be used by all individuals but designed for professional athletes!!

The Compex SP Wireless 6.0 is a wireless muscle stimulator designed to maintain your muscles and to assist recovery from injury through the use of individualised electrical impluses.  

Improves your strength and restores muscle volume, helps you relax and recover faster.

Compex SP 6.0 includes all the features of SP 4.0, but with wireless features that ensure total freedom of movement. Its easy-to-use color screen even shows you where to place the electrodes!

The Compex SP Wireless 6.0 is a compact and uniquely intelligent unit that is user friendly with snap on electrodes featuring basic touch button operation to a variety of settings!

With a selection of individual program categories - Conditioning, Recovery, Fitness Pain Management and Massage

Compex SP 6.0 is a best seller for a reason!

  • Utilises a muscle intelligence technology, a professional muscle contracting system that mimics the electrical impulses sent from the brain to your muscles.
  • Employed alongside the built-in MI-Scan function, that can automatically adjust the electro-stimulator setting to suit your own personal muscle attributes
  • Provide you with a more individualised understanding of your muscles physiology and help to prevent injury, treat pain, aid recovery and ensure an all-round improvement to your workout is made.

Features of the Compex SP 6.0? 

  • Muscle stimulation
  • Target Particular Muscle areas
  • Rehabilitation
  • Pain relief
  • Resistance 
  • Toning the body
  • Recovery so you can build you muscles faster

When would you use the Compex SP 6.0 Muscle Stimulator?

  • Pre exercise
  • During exercise
  • Post exercise
  • Injury recovery

Who would benefit from the Compex SP 6.0?

  • All individuals undertaking exercise
  • Athletes of all levels
  • Individuals who want to tone up their buttocks, abdominals, shoulders and or build all muscles of the body.
  • Individuals seeking more oxygen and blood flow through the body



Compex SP Wireless 6.0 Muscle Stimulator includes three different size electrrodes, rechargeable battery and carry case.

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