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 The COMPEX RUNNER Muscle Stimulator  has been designed to fit perfectly with your specific training sessions. Very quickly, it will become just as essential as your running shoes or heart rate monitor. Compex designed the COMPEX RUNNER to take care of the muscles that are called upon when running: whether to prepare them, relieve them, or help them to recover. You can at last have access to a professional technology worthy of your sporting ambitions.

Unique Muscle Stimulator Developed and Designed by Runners for Runners

Features & Benefits


  • The COMPEX RUNNER mi-READY product moves with the times and is ready to integrate muscle intelligence™ technology, enabling you to carry out highly-specific work, with a greater level of personalization and comfort. The term mi-READY means that the muscle intelligence™ technology is pre-installed in the stimulator. When you connect to the mi-SENSOR, you will be able to access the mi-SCAN, mi-RANGE and mi-TENSE functions which stimulate your muscles and can be set to levels that are suited to your physical characteristics, providing greater comfort and performance.
  • Choose from 7 areas of work for specific stimulation tailored to each part of the body
  • 3 progression levels for each programme to develop and progress, session by session
  • 4 independent and individually adjustable stimulation channels for complete work sessions
  • Prevention, Pain relief, Training and Recovery are four categories from a total of 18 programs entirely dedicated to the needs of runners
  • i-button to increase the energy on several channels at the same time and to access the last program used
  • LCD screen with backlighting for easy viewing in all situations
  • The Easy Snap connection system allowing you to connect the cable to the electrode with one hand, simply by pressing (even for the back!)




Combating cramp, preventing sprains, relieving lumbar pain or blood flow problems … in short, everything to ensure you go the distance. All the programs in the Prevention category will help to reduce the occurrence of these problems which slow down your training sessions, limit your progress and spoil your pleasure.




The best way of achieving your objectives without injuring yourself is still appropriate and regular muscle preparation.- The programs in the Training category will meet these needs, whatever your ambitions or specialist area.- The Marathon, half-Marathon and trail training programs will guide you to ensure that you make the most of your physical preparation.


Mi Technology

Mi is a unique technology that takes account of the specific features of each of your muscles offering a level of stimulation tailored to their characteristics. It’s simple, since the data is transmitted to the stimulator automatically!It is comfortable and effective … because the stimulation settings are tailored to your physical characteristics. Your training is automatically personalized and so perfectly adapted to your physiology.


Mi Sensor: mi-SENSOR is a small sensor that connects the stimulator to the electrodes. It is the key to measuring the essential physiological characteristics of the muscle.


Mi-Scan: Just before starting a work session using the mi-SCAN function, the mi-SENSOR senses the selected muscle group and automatically adjusts the stimulator's settings to the excitability of this area of the body, depending on your own physiology.


Package Contains


  • 1 stimulator
  • 4 Snap connection cables
  • 4 large Snap electrodes
  • 8 small Snap electrodes
  • 1 quick charger
  • 1 belt clip
  • User manual
  • Teasing leaflets
  • 1 "Warranty" voucher
  • 1 travel bag

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  • 4
    Compex Runner

    Posted by Lisa Burswud (Triathlete) on 18th Mar 2013

    Very handy tool

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