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Metron Vectorpulse

See the Intelect Advanced Combo Unit

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Metron Vectorpulse Combined 2/4 Pole Interferential Vacuum Unit

All Metron electrotherapy is Discontinued Worldwide now-Please view the Popular Intelect Advanced Combo used by professionals : Intelect Advanced combo with Vacuum option.

The Metron Vectorpulse  interferential module offers 10 user defined programs set up up at a push button, manual sweep control, vector rotation, bi-polar and quadropolar operation, and digital displays of all important parameters.

The suction module uses an extremely quite motor. A circuit within the unit monitors the section level continuously, and will automatically maintain the suction level prescribed.

This allows suction cups to be placed on one at a time, and if one cup falls off during treatment the remainder will stay attached.

Three pulsed modes and a continuous suction mode is provided. Water is trapped in a large internal reservoir, and a sensor warns when the reservoir is full. At which time the reservior can be emptied.

*Professional Therapists recieve further Special Discounts

Only Registered Professional Therapists may apply for Professional discounts and can obtain further discounts off the prices shown.

If you are a member of a Professional Organisation and obtain a membership number please contact us at 1800 908 903 or Email us on our Contact Us Page for your special price. Everfit Healthcare Customer Service Team will be happy to assist you.

All details must be completed in full, and you must include your membership number for a discount.

Once your basic application is approved we will then process your order!

The Metron Vectorpulse Supplied with the following accessories:

4 x Electrode Sponges

2 x Patient Leads

2 x Elastic Wraps - 7.5cm x 120cm

1 x Elastic Wrap - 7.5cm x 60cm

1 x Mains Lead

4 x Vacuum Cup - 6.5cm

4 x Vacuum Sponges - 6.5cm

2 x Vacuum Leads - 4cm Socket (White)

2 x Vacuum Leads - 4cm Socket (Blue)

2 x Rubber Electrodes - 8cm x 6cm (Two Pairs)

1 x Metron Self Adhesive Electrodes

Optional Accesories:

Trolley (various models available)

Vacuum Cup 95mm Large

Vacuum Sponge 95mm

2 year limited

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