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Metron Multi-Stim 2 Combo

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Metron Multi-Stim 2 Combo (METMS2COMBO)

Multi-Stim 2 Combo Two Channel Electrotherapy, Dual 1 & 3MHz Ultrasound & Optional Laser


*Note-All Metron electrotherapy is Discontinued Worldwide now-Please view the Popular Intelect Advanced Combo used by professionals : Intellect Advanced combo with Vacuum option.


The Multi Stim Combo Unit combines the modalities of Multi Stim, Ultrasound, and Optional Laser Therapy. The Combo Therapy Unit is a revolutionary screen-based design of the Metron Multi-Stim incorporates three rotary controls and a resistive touch screen to set all the treatment variables or to recall stored treatment programs in a simple and straight forward manner.


*Professional Therapists receive further Special Discounts

Only Registered Professional Therapists may apply for Professional discounts and can obtain further discounts off the prices shown.
If you are a member of a Professional Organisation and obtain a membership number please contact us at 1800 908 903 or Email us on our Contact Us Page for your special price. Everfit Healthcare Customer Service Team will be happy to assist you.
All details must be completed in full, and you must include your membership number for a discount.
Once your basic application is approved we will then process your order!

The Ultrasound Therapy unit has a Dual Frequency application, with 1 & 3 MHz output. The Metron Multi-Stim can operate as an interferential machine, a high voltage therapy unit, a TENS unit and a Faradic stimulator. There are also several more stim modalities. The optional laser therapy has a 100mW laser diode probe.

Ultrasonic Diathermy:

Dual Frequency 1+3MHz

2.4 W/cm2 (12 Watts Total)

10,20,50 and 100% Duty Cycle

Therapeutic Laser:

100Mw laser diode probe (optional-additional $999)

Variable pulse frequency from 10Hz to 5KHz

Variable pulse frequency from 10Hz to 5KHz

50% and 100% Duty Cycle

Stimulation Current Modes:


Bipolar/Premodulated Interferential


Trabert 2-5

High Voltage Galvanic




Interrupted DC



Strength Duration Curve


 *Note-If Laser Probe is required the Laser Probe is an additional $999-please indicate when ordering.

2 year limited

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