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THE 525 Cardio Upright Exercise Bike Series 

The durability and reliability you require and a new easy-to-use, centralized, console designed to provide an intuitive, accessible layout for users in managed and unsupervised environments.

Rugged Durability, Maximum Performance

The streamlined 525C (upright bike) feature three-piece, forged steel mountain-bike cranks for low maintenance. It includes a self tensioning powered drive for easier start-up and smoother operation. 

User-Friendly Technology

The 525 Cardio Series makes innovative use of QR codes to provide users with easy access to equipment information and workouts via a mobile device. Guests, employees, and residents can select cardio workouts that best meet their fitness goals. The optional high definition E3 View monitor offers three viewing modes on a 15.6˝ embedded display.

Cybex FIT

Take your 500 Cardio Series to the next level with Cybex FIT, an innovative iPad app that interacts directly with your equipment, transforming the console into an advanced touchscreen workout display. Users now have access to a full suite of digital features and controls that lets them personalize their workout experience.

One-handed seat adjustment

A Cybex proprietary seat was designed by cyclists to provide comfort for the long ride. You need three things: as much surface area as possible for support in the proper areas - while allowing full range of leg motion - while being kind to between the legs.

Easy-adjust pedal straps

Extra-wide double-sided pedal design accommodates any size foot. The easy-to-adjust pull-strap buckle closure gives users the comfort they seek. 

Racing handlebars with dual heart-rate contacts

Multi-position handlebars allow users to sit in a more upright position or be comfortable in a more aero position with dual-contact heart-rate grips conveniently located for either position.

Resistance Range

The 525C's wide range of resistance (from 20 to 600 watts) can create a challenging or modest exercise experience. 20 Watts is much lower than most other bikes on the market and is important for de-conditioned users.

Single Stage Drive

The self-tensioning single-stage drive and hybrid eddy-current self-generating brake provides high-torque capabilities with exceptionally-low drag to provide an exceptionally broad resistance range of 20 to 600 watts with superbly smooth operation.

Easy Manouverability

Because bikes are more mobile than many other exercise machines, they don't stay in the same place all the time. The 525 cycles have wheels on the front for easy rolling so they can be moved around.


RESISTANCE Hybrid Eddy current brake with brushless internal generator for low drag and high power capability.
Minimum - 20 Watts; Maximum - 600 Watts
MODES OF OPERATION Constant Power, Bike Mode, Self-powered
PEDALS Extra wide double sided pedal design accommodates any size foot. The easy to adjust pull strap buckle closure gives users the comfort they seek
One-hand ratcheting seat height adjustment with Cybex
proprietary design features a comfort groove and is shaped to
conform to the user

Graphic display of profile via 8 x 15 LED; 

  • Quick Start, 4 Weight Loss, 4 Cardio, 21 Workout levels;

Time, Distance, Revolutions/min, calories/hour, Speed,
Resistance level, Heart rate

PORTABLITY Wheels on the front for easy manouverability
OTHER FEATURES iPod and iPhone integration,
Adjustable, dual-speed fan,
Magazine rack,
Water bottle and utility tray
HEART RATE MONITORING Wireless and Contact grip 
DIMENSIONS L122cm x W57cm x  H165cm

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